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2012 Shows Announced

The Southern Knights are pleased to announce details of their shows for the 2012 WGUK season

The 2012 Southern Knights Winterguard productions

The ladies of Southern Knights Open Guard present their 2012 programme 'Icarus'.....  "As black engulfs the dying light, He falls on frail wings of feathers and wax".... a beautiful representation of a journey through mountains of hopes tragically doomed by the burning sun.     Using music by John Murphy from the album 'Sunshine'.

In 2012, Southern Knights A Guard will defend their title with an emotional interpretation of the movie " 7 Pounds"

The 15 members of the Southern Knights Juniors will be the stars in 2012 as we take you across the night sky in "Twinkle" - using music by Frederika Stahl.

This year Southern Knights Rugrats will be going on a journey to 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Using music from Jumanji and Bicentennial Man we hope to bring to life this childhood classic.   Get ready for a wild rumpus!

11th October 2011