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Who are we?

The Southern Knights are a Performing Arts, Colour Guard and Cheerleading organisation based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, England and perform precision marching and dance displays to music using flags, imitation rifles/sabres, pom poms and other similar items.

Since 1998 we have concentrated just on colour guard and performing arts but prior to this we have a marching band/Drum Corps history dating back to 1909 when the 2nd Brighton Scouts started a band. In 1983 the band left the Scouts and the Imperial Knights Drum & Bugle Corps was formed and in 1988, following a merger with The Southwinds (another local youth band), the name changed to Southern Knights.

Southern Knights are now one of the largest and most successful colour guards in the UK with approximately 50 members and have won 23 national titles across 5 of the competitive Winter Guard United Kingdom classes. Plus SK Stars are our Additional Needs group and more details about them can be found  - here

We cater for young people from school starting age and full instruction is provided therefore no previous experience is required to become a 'Knight'.   We charge a monthly subscription and full details will be given prior to joining.  

During the summer months we perform at local events (i.e. fetes and carnivals) as well as stage performances whilst during the winter the colour guards compete in their own competitive circuit (Winter Guard - see WGUK website) at venues all over the country. We have provided displays at sporting and corporate events and also provided performers for music videos and other similar events.

Contact us for more details.

There are currently 3 sections:-

  • RUGRATS - school starting age to maximum age of 12 years old
  • JUNIORS - 8 years old (or possibly younger with some experience) to maximum age of 18 years
  • SENIORS - All ages but normally starting age of around of 12/13 years

The age ranges above are reasonably flexible depending on experience

In addition we also have our Additional Needs groups and more details can be found about SK Stars - here

Rehearsal Information

The Southern Knights rehearse at:
Click here for Google Map and directions
and you will be redirected to the school website
(The entrance to the school is situated between 75 and 77 Nevill Avenue and if using a SatNav the best postcode to use is BN3 7NB)

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Access to school - ///mini.roofs.mime
Where we are on site - ///strike.fans.open

Summer Rehearsal Schedule
Our summer schedule is fairly relaxed and normally is:
RUGRATS/JUNIORS: Tuesdays 6pm - 7.30pm
Additional one off rehearsals may be organised for any group inc Seniors dependant on availability.

Winter Rehearsal Schedule
Our normal winter rehearsal schedule is:
RUGRATS: Tuesdays 6.00pm - 7.30pm with occasional weekends
JUNIORS: Tuesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm with occasional weekends
SENIORS: Sundays 9am - 3pm with occasional Saturdays
Additional rehearsals are organised dependant on contest dates and training weekends

In previous years we have also had a very successful Youth Marching Band / Drum Corps but from 1998 this ceased to be.
For information the sections involved, were:

  • BRASS - forward facing G pitched valved trumpet style instruments.
  • MARCHING PERCUSSION - snare/bass/multi-tenor drums, cymbals.
  • STATIC PERCUSSION - orchestral keyboards, timpani.


? Southern Knights Performing Arts, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, England
Registered Charity : 294202